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Takeuchi TL8 Final Drive Motors

Over-Tire-Tracks for Skid Steers: What You Need Know

Bobcat T190s and Their Final Drives

Maintaining Skid Steer Final Drives for Optimal Performance and Reliability

Exploring Hydraulic Connectors: Types and Applications

Heavy Losses: Uncovering the World of Construction Equipment Theft

Catastrophic Failure: Why Gear Oil Maintenance is So Important

Differences Between Reman and Used Final Drive Motors

20 Industry Best Practices for Hydraulic Cleanliness

Santa's Compact Equipment Fleet

The Role of Lubrication in Preventing Planetary Failures

Tips for Extending the Lifespan of Your Compact Track Loader's Final Drive

How to Achieve ISO 4406 Hydraulic Cleanliness Goals

Understanding ISO 4406: The Basics

The Effects of Gear Oil Contamination on a Final Drive Planetary: A Comprehensive Guide

Hydraulic System Health: Preventive Maintenance for Compact Equipment

In the Know: Bolt Preload

Pumping Up the Quality with Final Drive Motor Testing

Nabtesco Travel Motors

Mechanical Fasteners in Your Final Drive Motor

Bolt Torquing Sequence for Final Drive Motors

Heat and Hydration

Taking Charge of Your Safety: Precautions Against Heat When Working Outdoors Part 1

Particle Contamination in Hydraulic Fluid: How Bad Can It Be?

Diagnosing a Stalled or Jammed Final Drive Motor

Diagnosing a Weak Final Drive Motor

Bobcat RogueX Concept Machine

Dr Mac’s Notebook: Basic Metal Failure

Final Drive Motors: Speed, Torque, and Power

How Many Ways Can an Oil Seal Fail

Dr Mac’s Notebook: Displacement Under a Load

Static and Dynamic Bend Radius: What You Need to Know

Hydraulic Hose Failure: Signs to Look For

The Final Drive Repair Shop House of Mechanical Horrors

Case Drain Filter: Good or Bad?

Dr Mac's Notebook: Basics of Mechanical Stress

Is the Problem Really the Pump?

Maintenance and Hazardous Energy

Tips for Setting Up a Workspace for Your Hydraulics

Fast Facts About Kubota

The Engineering Behind Hydraulic Filters

Internal Leakage and Final Drives

Hydraulic Hoses: Choosing the Right Replacement Part 1

Advanced Reman and Repair Techniques for Final Drives

Electric Compact Equipment: What Does it Mean?

Why Buying a Used Final Drive Motor is a Bad Idea

Skid Steers and Compact Track Loaders in the US Armed Forces

Basics of Skid Steer Loaders

Fuel Costs and Compact Equipment Maintenance

Basics of Synthetic Hydraulic Fluid

3 Basic Types of Hydraulic Fluid

World's Largest Skid Steer Loader

Preventive Maintenance and Compact Equipment

Excavator Dangers on the Worksite

A Look Inside a Real Final Drive Repair/Reman Shop

Caterpillar Medium Excavators: Final Drive Failures

Killdozer: An Engineering Perspective

Hydraulic Charge Pumps and Your Final Drive

Staying Safe on a Skid Steer: Preventing Backovers

Santa's Naughty List Includes Those Who Neglect Their Compact Equipment

How Reliable is Your Compact Equipment?

Maintenance is Always Cheaper Than Repairs

How Aging Gear Oil Affects Final Drives

Hydraulic Motor Wear and How to Minimize It

Common Gear Oil Additives

Compact Equipment & Dinosaurs

Hydraulic Motor Efficiency

Terminology for Final Drive Motors, Part 1

How to Request a Quote for a Final Drive

Root Cause Analysis for Final Drives

How to Do a Planetary Flush

Restoring Water-Damaged Compact Equipment

Gear Damage in a Final Drive

Guide to Final Drive Cores

How Bearing Lubrication Can Go Wrong

Water Contamination: Ingression, Removal, and Prevention

Rebuilding a Track Drive

Entrained Air: Basic Facts You Need to Know

Foaming Hydraulic Fluid: What You Need to Know

Types of Air Contamination in Hydraulics

Maintaining a Bobcat Final Drive

Finding the Right Final Drive for Your Skid Steer or Compact Track Loader

Rexroth Final Drive Motors for Construction Equipment

3 Causes of Final Drive Face Seal Failure

Comer Final Drives: What You Need to Know

Bonfiglioi and Final Drives

How Lubrication Extends the Life of Your Final Drive Motors

Why Your Final Drive Bearings Keep Failing

A Quick History of Doosan Infracore

Wear and Your Final Drive Motor

Five Sources for Construction and Equipment News

Why Surface Condition Can Be Important for Final Drive Parts

Damaged Final Drives: Radial Piston Motors

Damaged Final Drives: Brakes

Final Drive Maintenance: A Little Goes a Long Way

Development of the First Gradall Machine

Final Drives: Why Not Just Buy Used?

Final Drive Maintenance: Gear Oil

Glossary of Basic Symbols Found in Hydraulic Circuits

Do You Know These Facts About Timbco and TimberPro?

4 Horrifying Final Drive Failures

Kioti Enters the SSL and CTL Market

How to Tell When a Planetary Gear System Needs to be Replaced

3 Tips for Troubleshooting Hydraulic Problems on Compact Equipment

JCB 190T Final Drive Rebuild

Compact Equipment in the US Military

Zombies and Remote-Controlled CTLs and SSLs

Does a Hydraulic Pump Create Pressure?

What You Need to Know About Pressure Control Valves

Hydraulic Motors and the Cotton Industry

Basics of Hydraulics, Part 1: Introduction to Pressure

5 Signs of a Good Place to Send Your Final Drive

Benefits of Hydraulic Fluid Analysis for Equipment Fleets of All Sizes

Hydraulic Contamination Failure Categories: What You Need to Know [Infographic]

CNC Machining Final Drive Motor Parts [VIDEO]

Commonly Asked Questions About Hydraulic Fluid Analysis

Troubleshooting 5 Common Final Drive Issues

4 Key Signs of Impending Pump Failure

The Hydraulic Pump Rebuild Process

COVID-19 Update from Management

Final Drives and Tigers

Why You Should be Concerned about Hydraulic Contamination

Nachi Wheel Motors

Bobcat Final Drive Basics

Tragic Skid Steer Accident Involves Little Boy

Are Final Drives, Hydraulic Motors, and Track Motors all the Same?

Final Drive Maintenance for the New Year

Santa's Compact Excavator Fleet

So Many SSLs in Texas!

Of Turkeys and Bobcats

Winterizing Construction Equipment

Quick Look: Kobelco SK150LC-3

Results of Hydraulic Contamination

Compact Excavators and the Zombie Apocalypse

World's Biggest Hydraulic Shovel?

Bobcat Final Drive Failures and Case Drain Filters

Final Drive Solutions for Older Machines

Taking Care of the Track Drives on Your Excavator

Australia, Cocaine, and Excavators

Advancements in Hydraulic Motor Design: Clearances

Man Killed in Bobcat Skid Steer Loader Accident

Common Questions About Eaton JMV Track Drive Motors

Danger of a Dry Starting a Hydraulic Motor

Built Robotics: Are Robots Going to Replace Operators?

5 Final Drive Maintenance Tips

World's Fastest ... Tractor?

Worst Final Drive Motor Fails: Radial Piston Hydraulic Motor

Worst Final Drive Motor Fails: Internal Explosion Edition

Interesting Facts about Hydraulic Fluid

The Most Pervasive Problems in Final Drive Motor Maintenance

When To Change Your Hydraulic Fluid

Hints and Tips for Buying a Replacement Final Drive Motor

Dynapac: Fast Facts

Signs That Your CTL Track Drive Needs Attention

What You Need to Know About Swash Plates in Final Drive Motors

Hydraulic Motors and Productivity

That’s Not What a Skid Steer Loader is For!

Hydraulic Pump Failure

Hydraulic Motor Drive Shafts

Compact Wheel Loaders - 4 Questions Answered

Bolts, Torque, and Final Drives

Load Sensing Final Drive Motors

The Facts about Large Skid Steer Loaders

Drive Sprockets and Track Drives

Duo Cone Face Seal Failure

Off-Planet Mining Equipment

Hard to Find Final Drives

Bobcat Mini Excavator Final Drive Motor Removal

Interesting Places to Find Hydraulic Systems

Hydraulic Hoses and Final Drives

Motor Graders: What Can They Do?

Revisiting the Topic of Gear Oil

What Do Ferris Wheels and Tracked Machines Have in Common?

Short History of Motor Graders

Valve Blocks on Final Drive Hydraulic Motors

5 Little Changes That'll Make a Big Difference With Your Final Drive Hydraulic Motors

The Basics of Cavitation

6 Things about Hydraulic Motors You May Not Have Known

Early Development of Continuous Tracks

Maintaining Hydraulic Motors on Drilling Equipment

The Truly Monstrous BelAZ 75710

How Does an Axial Piston Final Drive Motor Work

The Many Applications of Excavators

Grease vs Oil, Or Why You Don't Put Grease in Your Final Drive Motor

Basic Types of Hydraulic Fluid for Heavy and Compact Equipment

2019 New Year's Resolution: Take Care of Your Final Drive Motors

Hydraulic Motor Cam Ring Wear

If Santa Had a Skid Steer ...

High Points in the History of Construction Machinery

Torque, Traction, and Horsepower in Hydraulic Motors

Best Final Drive Motor Videos on YouTube

When Professionals Run Into Problems With Final Drives This Is What They Do

3 Common Misconceptions About Excavators

The Ultimate Glossary of Terms About Hydraulic Motors

Meet Hans and Franz, NASA's Monster Crawlers

Facts You Need to Know about Bearings and Final Drive Motors

Ingersoll Rand and Construction Equipment

Scoring in Final Drive Hydraulic Motors

Cold Weather Issues for Heavy Equipment and Its Operators

8 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Ignore Your Hydraulic Motors

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