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Off-Planet Mining Equipment

by Dr McCaslin | Mar 13, 2019 |

Mining, Mining Truck

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While the idea of off-planet mining may seem to belong in a science fiction novel, there have been serious discussions about the idea. There have been studies into the economic feasibility of moon mining and NASA is interested in the design of excavators designed for use off-planet -- and Colorado School of Mines has a Space Mining program!

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The Truly Monstrous BelAZ 75710

by Dr McCaslin | Jan 17, 2019 |

Mining, Monster Machines, Dump truck, Mining Truck

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In this Shop Talk Blog post, our topic is going to be the world’s biggest mining truck: the BelAZ 75710 ultra class dump truck. Learn about the powerful systems at work in this dump truck, and be awed at its specifications. This one is truly a monster!

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