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How Many Ways Can an Oil Seal Fail

Oil seals are used on the final drive motor axle to keep the gear oil for the planetary gear set or bearings from mixing with hydraulic oil. These seals are vital to the operation and performance of your final drive motor -- and learning how they can fail is essential.

Dr Mac’s Notebook: Displacement Under a Load

by Dr McCaslin | Jan 11, 2023 |

Final Drive Failure


In a previous post, we talked about basic mechanical stress -- but this one is going a step further and looking at the relationship between stress, deformation, and strain -- all of which affect how metal parts break.


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The Final Drive Repair Shop House of Mechanical Horrors

Here are some final drive motor horrors from our own shop -- with some explanations of what caused them and how you can prevent them.


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Dr Mac's Notebook: Basics of Mechanical Stress

by Dr McCaslin | Sep 19, 2022 |

Final Drive Failure

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Mechanical stress is behind any of the failures we encounter when inspecting a final drive motor. Sheared fasteners, bent gear teeth, dented roller bearings, and broken races are examples of where stresses have gotten high enough to do permanent damage. To help you learn more about the mechanisms behind this and other types of failure, we'd like to introduce you to a new blog series entitled Dr. Mac's Notebook. 

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Simple Forces

There are three basic types of forces:

  • Compressive, which pushes things together
  • Tensile, which pulls things apart
  • Shear, which causes things to slide apart

Maintenance and Hazardous Energy

Crushing accidents don’t just happen when someone gets run over by equipment -- they can also occur when you’re working on your equipment and don’t take hazardous energy into account.


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The Engineering Behind Hydraulic Filters

Hydraulic filters are a critical component of any hydraulic system, including your compact equipment. And when they fail, it can be catastrophic for your final drive motor. In this blog post, you will learn about the engineering that goes behind the design and selection of these filters.



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Internal Leakage and Final Drives

by Dr McCaslin | Jun 23, 2022 |

Leaks, weak, Wear, Internal leakage


When we hear the word “leak” or “leakage” in reference to a final drive motor, our knee-jerk reaction is to assume it's something bad. In a hydraulic system, though, internal leakage is good -- up to a certain point.


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Advanced Reman and Repair Techniques for Final Drives

by Dr McCaslin | Jun 03, 2022 |

machining, turning, lapping


In this Shop Talk Blog, we're going to look at some of the techniques we use for rebuilding and repairing final drive motors, including welding and machining.


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Electric Compact Equipment: What Does it Mean?

When you see a headline about an electric excavator or skid steer loader, what does it mean?

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Fuel Costs and Compact Equipment Maintenance

by Dr McCaslin | Mar 29, 2022 |

Final Drive Maintenance, Maintenance, Efficiency


Diesel prices have been rising, and while they may seem to be going down a bit, it’s doubtful they’ll drop back down to what they were a year ago. As a result, these prices are impacting your bottom line. And while you don’t control the cost of fuel, you can make some changes that will improve the efficiency of your equipment.

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