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Excavator Dangers on the Worksite

How dangerous are excavators on the worksite? When used by skilled, alert operators, excavators are safe -- and indispensable. However, accidents do happen and some are a bit more common than others. Oh, and all the data you're about to see came from OSHA.

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Unusual Excavator Accidents from OSHA Case Reports

by Dr McCaslin | May 31, 2018 |

Excavators, Heavy Equipment Safety, OSHA


If you ever want to have nightmares, just scan through some of the OSHA accident search results with the keyword “excavator.” These accidents -- 509 accidents going back to 1986 -- aren’t always what you would expect. You may think you know all the dangers related to excavators, but remember that the human race always seems to think of new ways to harm ourselves. Here are some, shall we say, more unusual accidents related to excavators, including one involving final drive maintenance.


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