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Danger of a Dry Starting a Hydraulic Motor

Did you know you can invalidate the warranty of your final drive motor if you make the mistake of dry starting it after you’ve just installed it? Read on to learn what a dry start it, how it can damage your motor, and how to keep it from happening to you.

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5 Ways to Void Your Final Drive Warranty

by Dr McCaslin | Dec 27, 2017 |

Final Drive, Warranty


At Texas Final Drive, our new and reman/rebuilt final drives are covered by warranty. Our warranty, and warranties in general, are meant to cover defects in the company's products. That said, there are things that customers can do (or fail to do) that void the warranty. In this Shop Talk Blog post, we are going to discuss five ways to void your final drive warranty so that you can make sure they don't happen with you.

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