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Maintenance and Hazardous Energy

Crushing accidents don’t just happen when someone gets run over by equipment -- they can also occur when you’re working on your equipment and don’t take hazardous energy into account.


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Basics of Skid Steer Loaders

Here's some basic information about skid steers, including how they are categorized, operating costs, maintenance, and -- of course -- final drive motors.

Fuel Costs and Compact Equipment Maintenance

by Dr McCaslin | Mar 29, 2022 |

Final Drive Maintenance, Maintenance, Efficiency


Diesel prices have been rising, and while they may seem to be going down a bit, it’s doubtful they’ll drop back down to what they were a year ago. As a result, these prices are impacting your bottom line. And while you don’t control the cost of fuel, you can make some changes that will improve the efficiency of your equipment.

Santa's Naughty List Includes Those Who Neglect Their Compact Equipment

 It's getting very close to Christmas. It might be too late to make it on Santa's good list, but here are some tips for next year. 

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How Reliable is Your Compact Equipment?

by Dr McCaslin | Dec 17, 2021 |

Maintenance, Predictive Maintenance, Reliability


Reliability measures aren’t just for big contractors -- they can be useful to one-man operations, as well. In this blog post, we'll provide a very basic introduction to reliability measures.

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Maintenance is Always Cheaper Than Repairs

by Jim Strong | Dec 09, 2021 |

Final Drive Maintenance, Maintenance


As much as we may be reluctant to perform maintenance, it's always going to be cheaper than repairs for compact equipment and the final drive motors that run them.

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Types of Air Contamination in Hydraulics

by Dr McCaslin | Jul 07, 2021 |

Maintenance, Hydraulic Contamination


You know that the presence of metal particles or dirt in your hydraulic fluid points to some issues, but there is another form of contamination that you usually can’t see: air. And when your hydraulic system has air contamination, it can lead to some serious problems for your compact equipment (including your final drive motors).

This is the first of a multi-part series about air contamination of hydraulic fluid

Here's Part 2: Foaming Hydraulic Fluid: What You Need to Know

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Final Drive Maintenance for the New Year

New Year's resolutions, as sincere as they may be, are often not kept. However, we'd like to suggest a resolution all you equipment owners out there: maintain your final drive motors.



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Santa's Compact Excavator Fleet

Carving a massive manufacturing and distribution center out of a land covered in snow and ice is not minor feat -- especially when you consider yearly expansions that are necessary to meet global toy demands.


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Duo Cone Face Seal Failure

You may have a final drive motor or track drive that has a Duo-cone seal (aka, floating face seal). If you do, then you probably would like to know what causes premature failure of these seals so you can make sure yours lasts as long as possible -- and that's the topic of this Shop Talk blog post.

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