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The Truly Monstrous BelAZ 75710

In this Shop Talk Blog post, our topic is going to be the world’s biggest mining truck: the BelAZ 75710 ultra class dump truck. Learn about the powerful systems at work in this dump truck, and be awed at its specifications. This one is truly a monster!

The Truly Monstrous BelAZ 75710

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Background on the BelAZ75710

The BelAZ 75710 is considered the world’s largest mining truck (aka, dump truck). It has been nicknamed “the 405” in reference to how much it can carry -- 405 metric tons! This behemoth was manufactured in Zhodzina, Belaurus by state-owned Belaz and assembled by Soligorsk. It was released in 2013, and the first truck was delivered to the Kuznetsk Basin in 2013. It’s first job involved hauling rocks at a Siberian coal mine, which makes perfect sense because the 405 was designed for open-pit mining, primarily for hauling loosened rocks. It costs about $6 million.




The 405 has 2 × MTU DD16V4000 V16 four stroke, 65-liter diesel-powered front engines. Only one engine can be used if it the truck is not carrying a full load. This pair of engines provide 2,300 hp. It’s peak horsepower is at 1900 rpms while delivering just under 6,869 lb-ft of torque. The peak torque for the BelAZ 75710 is 13,738 lb-ft.

Drive System

The 405 has a Siemens MMT 500 AC traction drive system with 4-wheel hydraulic steering. Included in this drive system are 4 × 1,200 kW electric motors and a pair of traction generators. It has 2 AC alternators and 4 AC traction motors, two in each of its axles. The 405 has a turning radius of a little over 65’, so you know it isn’t designed for making tight u-turns.

Wheels and Tires

There are 4 wheels to an axle, resulting in 8 wheels total. When fully loaded, each wheel is responsible for about 100 tons of load. The tires are 59/80 R 63 Bridgestone tubeless tires that are about 6’ 7” tall by and almost 5’ wide. The tires mounted on huge 63-inch steel wheels.



Braking System

The 405 has dry disk brakes on the front wheels, dry double-disk brakes on the rear wheels, and, for the auxiliary brake, electrodynamic retarding by traction motors with forced air-cooling of braking resistors.

Fun Facts

Here are some entertaining facts and comparisons to give you a better feel for how unusual the 405 is:

  • The curb weight of an empty BelAZ 75710 is about 794,000 pounds
  • It is over 67’ long, almost 27’ tall, and a little over 32’ wide with a 26’ wheelbase
  • It has a maximum speed of 40 mph, however, when fully loaded on a 10% gradient, the suggested speed is around 25 mph
  • Six times as powerful as a Formula 1 racecar
  • You could put about 5 of them end to end along a football field, 5 abreast -- so, in short, a football field would hold 25 of them
  • Considering that a Dodge Ram 1500 4WD regular cab weighs around 4,800 pounds, that means it can carry the weight equivalent of 186 Dodge trucks!


No one would argue that the 405 is not a monster! It certainly wasn’t designed for your local construction jobs, that’s for sure.  And, sadly, we probably don't carry the kind of wheel motors they use.   However, we cannot help but admire the design and ingenuity that went into designing a modern engineering marvel like this. 

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