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Benefits of Hydraulic Fluid Analysis for Equipment Fleets of All Sizes

by Dr McCaslin | Jun 25, 2020 |

Hydraulic Contamination


In this Shop Talk Blog post, we are going to talk about the benefits of fluid analysis hydraulic equipment fleets -- even if you only have a small fleet.

Benefits of Hydraulic Fluid Analysis for Equipment Fleets of All Sizes

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How Your Fleet Can Benefit from Hydraulic Fluid Testing

If there is one thing we know at Texas Final Drive, it's that contamination can destroy an otherwise good final drive motor. And not only are final drives affected, but the entire hydraulic system of your machines can be affected.

Fix Issues Before the Happen

The smart use of the data you get from even a basic fluid analysis report allows your team to uncover developing issues with contamination or excess wear before they begin to do seriously affect performance.

Fluid analysis reports can also reveal the effects aging hydraulic fluid so that the fluid can be replaced before performance is compromised. In addition, this data can help you spot patterns among your equipment and better track down sources of contamination.

Troubleshoot Problems

Fluid analysis can also assist you in troubleshooting existing problems. Basic field tests for contamination can help your technicians quickly narrow down the source of contamination and determine what type of contamination is present (abrasive dirt and sand, components wear, component failure, etc.).

Reduce Downtime

By keeping track of the condition of the fluid in your machines and using that data wisely, you will reduce the downtime of your machine and increase the MTBF. You also can ensure that fresh hydraulic fluid is added and the hydraulic system flushed when it is needed and not after serious damage has occurred.

Tracking the condition of your hydraulic fluid also means that you can address problems while they are still a quick fix, not waiting until a catastrophic failure that takes your equipment down when deadlines are to be met. And remember that catastrophic failures take much longer to fix!

Extend Equipment Life

Keeping track of hydraulic fluid will increase the useful life of your equipment. We know that contamination can lead to issues such as excessive wear, surface damage, cavitation, and the generation of even more contamination. By keeping contamination levels in check by developing action plans based on hydraulic analysis reports, these types of effects can be minimized, thus contributing to life of the hydraulic systems that power your equipment.

Reduce M&O Costs

It makes sense that, given all the other benefits of hydraulic fluid analysis, it will result in reduced maintenance and operating costs. It also supports predictive maintenance, which by itself can have a positive impact on M&O costs for your equipment, hydraulic systems, and the components that make them up.

Why Should I Bother With Hydraulic Fluid Analysis


Remember that contaminated hydraulic fluid can destroy your drive motors if it isn't addressed. That means downtime, expensive repairs, or -- worst case -- investment in a replacement final drive motor. If you have a fleet -- even a small one -- then you should look into hydraulic fluid testing, even if it's just a simple field testing kit. And if your drive motors or pumps have been damaged by contamination, then give us a call.

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