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Santa's Compact Equipment Fleet

by Dr McCaslin | Dec 20, 2023 | |

It’s that time of year when Santa Claus is at his busiest -- along with his elves. And he owns a fleet of compact equipment critical to things running smoothly during the holidays. Let’s sneak a peek at what happens in the North Pole with Santa’s fleet and the elves responsible for it.

Compact Track Loader Fleet

In his fleet, Santa has several compact track loaders. The elves use them primarily to help move logs to keep all the fireplaces running at the North Pole. While they do have electricity, they’ve found it cheaper to use wood. These CTLs are also great for carrying hay for the reindeer, transporting raw materials to the workshop, and carrying extra heavy presents to the reindeer airfield. And the elves have a variety of attachments to choose from, making these CTLs useful for all kinds of tasks.

Skid Steer Fleet


In his fleet, Santa has skid steer loaders that he uses to clean up the reindeer stalls and keep snow cleared from the paths his elves follow daily. And those reindeer do make a mess! Some elves want Santa to outfit the skid steers with flamethrowers to make snow clearing easier, but Mrs. Claus has insisted that isn’t a good idea. She suspects the flamethrowers will be used to toast marshmallows and accidentally start fires instead of melting snowbanks.

Compact Excavator Fleet

Santa needs construction equipment year-round as his village increases in size. In addition to the skid steer loaders and compact track loaders, he has several mini excavators in his fleet, along with some cranes. In addition to construction, the elf crew uses the mini excavators to clear snow from large areas, prepare new roads, and dig trenches for utilities (elves need water, electricity, an cable, too).

Santa's Equipment Techs

Santa strongly supports proper equipment maintenance, from regular cleaning to checking the oil levels in final drives. A special team of technician elves handles maintenance and repair, working hard to keep the equipment in peak condition. They have a dedicated area in their shop that they keep clean for the hydraulics to prevent contamination. While part of the shop may be open to the outside, they keep all hydraulic fluid, gear oil, and fuel in an area where they can keep the temperatures under control. And the tools -- the elves either have any tool they need or can make it!


Santa also knows that Texas Final Drive is a great source for replacement final drive motors for his fleet, even for equipment the OEM may no longer support. And we’d like to be that source for you! In the meantime, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at Woodland Fluid Power!

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