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The Hydraulic Pump Rebuild Process

Here at Texas Final Drive, we don't just rebuild final drive motors -- we rebuild pumps, too. In this Shop Talk Blog post, we are going to discuss the rebuild process we follow for restoring hydraulic pumps to their original manufacturer specifications and performance.

The Hydraulic Pump Rebuild Process

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Cleaning and Disassembly of the Hydraulic Pump

When a pump comes into our facility for rebuilding, one of our hydraulic technicians will begin by cleaning the outside of the pump. Fortunately most pumps don't come to use caked with mud and hardened debris like final drives do, but they still need to be cleaned.

Once the outside is clean, it is time to start on the inside. The pumps are completely disassembled by one of our technicians and given an initial visual check. Even though seals and o-rings will all be replaced, we inspect them for signs of damage that might point us to an issue with the motor that needs to be addressed. From that point, the components are cleaned in a parts washer.




Hydraulic Pump Inspection and Assessment

Every component in the pump is inspected again after cleaning. A technician assess each part of the pump against our strict guidelines for re-usability. Parts that cannot be salvaged are discarded. After the inspection and assessment are complete, we know what parts can be reused, which ones can be reconditioned, and which ones simply need to be replaced.

Customized Hydraulic Pump Rebuild Plan and Quote

Next, we develop a customized rebuild plan. If you sent in your pump for a rebuild, you will be provided with a detailed estimate. Once you accept the estimate, your pump will be rebuilt according to that custom rebuild plan.


Closeup of form being filled


Hydraulic Pump Reassembly

As mentioned earlier, some parts will be reconditioned while others will be replaced either with new parts or parts we have reconditioned and restored. The pump is reassembled by experienced technicians who do this day in and day out. You can rest assured that it has been put together properly, with all the bolts tightened to the right torque.

Testing the Rebuilt Pump




Even though the pump has been fully rebuilt, we aren't done with it yet. It will be put on one of our hydraulic benches to be thoroughly tested with regard to performance and quality. We will not rest until our rebuilt pumps equal or exceed their original OEM specifications. The result is a pump that is as good as -- or better -- than new at a lower cost than a new pump. 


If you are in the market for a replacement pump, don't overlook the excellent performance and low price or a rebuilt hydraulic pump from Texas Final Drive. We rebuild both main pumps and charge pumps, and can handle any brand you send us.

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