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Quick Look: Kobelco SK150LC-3

by Dr McCaslin | Nov 07, 2019 |

Excavators, Kobelco


In this Shop Talk blog post, we are going to talk about the Kobelco SK150LC-3, a powerful hydraulic excavator used in construction projects around the world.



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Taking Care of the Track Drives on Your Excavator

Your excavator is a vital part of your work, and you know that if the track drives go out that excavator will not be moving anywhere. That’s why we have put together a list of tips to help you keep those track drives running!

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Australia, Cocaine, and Excavators

by Dr McCaslin | Aug 25, 2019 |

Excavators, Heavy Equipment Safety, Caterpillar, CAT

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There are some things excavators are not meant to be used for, but recent news out of Australia illustrates a brand-new way to use excavators that many of us probably never dreamed of ... and let's hope no one tries again!

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Built Robotics: Are Robots Going to Replace Operators?

by Dr McCaslin | Jul 17, 2019 |

Excavators, CTL, Autonomous Equipment


In the three years since it was founded, Built Robotics has progressed considerably from an automated compact track loader to a research fleet of seven heavy equipment machines. So what exactly are their goals? Do we need to worry about robotic overlords taking the form of compact track loaders and skid steers?


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Bobcat Mini Excavator Final Drive Motor Removal

Do you own or operate a Bobcat mini-excavator? How much do you know about removing the track drive motor?  Well, in this Shop Talk Blog post we are going to review the steps involved in removing the drive motor safely and easily.

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The Many Applications of Excavators

by Dr McCaslin | Jan 09, 2019 |

Excavators, Mini-excavators, Compact Excavators


The excavator often serves as a general, all-purpose piece of heavy equipment, but it’s primarily known for its ability to dig. Digging isn’t all that it can do, of course -- and in this Shop Talk Blog post, we want to explore some of the other capabilities of the hydraulic excavator.

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3 Common Misconceptions About Excavators

by Dr McCaslin | Dec 05, 2018 |

Excavators, Mini-excavators, Compact Excavators


In this Shop Talk Blog post, we are going to deal with three misconceptions about excavators, including the right way to dig, the best machine for digging a trench, and whether cleaning the undercarriage is important.

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What You Need to Know About Wheeled Excavators

by Dr McCaslin | Oct 31, 2018 |

Excavators, Wheeled Excavators


Wheeled excavators are still relatively new to the US market, although they have enjoyed popularity for a long time in Asian and European markets. In this Shop Talk blog post, we are going to talk about what you need to know about wheeled excavators and what they can do.

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20 Excavator Terms You Should Know

by Dr McCaslin | Aug 22, 2018 |



Excavators go by quite a few names -- diggers, track hoes, 360s, JCBs, and even rubber ducks. There’s quite a bit of terminology that goes with excavators, too. That’s why we put together this list of 20 common terms related to excavators that everyone in the industry should know.

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Common Problem on CAT Excavator Hydraulic Motor (Secret Tip Video)

Do you know what the most common problem is for CAT excavator hydraulic motors? That's the topic of this Shop Talk Blog post, where we'll not only talk about the problem but how you can prevent it and save money in the process.


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