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Duo Cone Face Seal Failure

You may have a final drive motor or track drive that has a Duo-cone seal (aka, floating face seal). If you do, then you probably would like to know what causes premature failure of these seals so you can make sure yours lasts as long as possible -- and that's the topic of this Shop Talk blog post.

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2019 New Year's Resolution: Take Care of Your Final Drive Motors

Another new year is almost upon us, and with that comes resolutions. It seems that most of the resolutions we make we also end up breaking just a few weeks into the new year. That’s why we’ve decided to suggest some resolutions that you can keep and your final drive will thank you!

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#1 Cause of Final Drive Failure

Do you know what the number one cause of final drive failure is? It might not be what you think! In this Shop Talk Blog post, we’ll explore this topic and discuss how to keep it from happening to your final drive motors!

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6 Sure Ways to Sabotage Your Final Drive

Final drive motors are well-designed pieces of equipment that provide your machine with the ability to move. However, they are relatively easy to sabotage through a little neglect! In this Shop Talk Blog post, we are going to discuss 6 sure ways to sabotage your final drive motor, including things like never checking gear oil levels and not checking case drain filters.

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4 Indications That a Hydraulic Final Drive Motor Needs Service

When a final drive motor stops, work comes to a halt. That’s why it is important to be aware of any indications that your final drive might need service. That way, you can arrange the downtime for repairs around a time that works for you, not be forced into downtime in the middle of a time-critical job. In this Shop Talk Blog post, we are going to talk about the four things to look out for, and what each symptom can indicate.

How Do I Fix My Final Drive?

In this Shop Talk Blog post, we are going to review some hints and tips for how to repair your own final drive. We'll begin with some guidelines for installation and removal, followed by taking your final drive apart and dealing with different types of repairs.

4 Quick Tips for Extending the Life of Your Final Drive

Your final drive represents a significant investment, and it has to be functional for your equipment to run. In this Shop Talk Blog post, we are going to go over 4 things: minimizing contamination, keeping an eye on the gear oil, checking the case drain filter, and attending to leaks. Follow these 4 simple tips to get draw out the life of your final drive motor to the fullest!

What's Wrong With My Final Drive Motor?

You've got quite a bit of money invested in your final drive motors, and when they go down it impacts your entire operation and your bottom line. In this Shop Talk Blog post, we'll review common symptoms of final drive problems, what they mean, and how to troubleshoot them.

Guidelines to Final Drive Maintenance

Here at Texas Final Drive, we often seen first-hand what poor maintenance can do to an otherwise good hydraulic final drive motor. In this blog post, we are going to review the WHAT, WHEN, and HOW of good final drive maintenance.

6 Cost-Saving Ways to Manage Fleet Maintenance

by Dr McCaslin | Feb 21, 2018 |

Maintenance, Fleet Management


We understand that fleet managers face the challenge of reducing costs as much as possible. Premature repair costs can pack a huge punch, especially when you're in the middle of a job. The point that we always try to hammer home is that maintenance should not be ignored. In this Shop Talk Blog post, we are going to discuss six shop policies that you can put in place to aid in minimizing your maintenance costs.

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