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Final Drive Solutions for Older Machines

You've got an older machine that the OEM doesn't support anymore and one of your final drive motors has gone out. What are your options? Find out!


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Danger of a Dry Starting a Hydraulic Motor

Did you know you can invalidate the warranty of your final drive motor if you make the mistake of dry starting it after you’ve just installed it? Read on to learn what a dry start it, how it can damage your motor, and how to keep it from happening to you.

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8 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Ignore Your Hydraulic Motors

Even though it means less money for us, we want to encourage our readers and customers to make sure they take good care of their final drive motors. In this Shop Talk Blog post, our topic deals with the various reasons why you shouldn’t ignore your hydraulic final drive motors.

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#1 Cause of Final Drive Failure

Do you know what the number one cause of final drive failure is? It might not be what you think! In this Shop Talk Blog post, we’ll explore this topic and discuss how to keep it from happening to your final drive motors!

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5 Tips for Reassembling a Final Drive

We know that some people prefer to work on their own final drive hydraulic motors. In this Shop Talk Blog post, we provide 5 tips to help you when it comes time to reassemble your final drive, beginning with a clean work area!

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Are the Gears on My Final Drive Worn Out?

by Dr McCaslin | Aug 07, 2018 |

Final Drive Motor Gears, Final Drive Motors


You’ve taken the cover plate off your final drive, and now you're looking at the gears in the planetary hub. How do you know when to replace those gears? In this Shop Talk Blog post, that’s precisely what we are going to discuss: signs that your gears are wearing out.


Final Drive Motor Bearings

Bearings provide support, aid in alignment, constrain motion, minimize the wear and tear experienced by other components, and reduce friction. They are an indispensable part of your final drive motor, and when they fail the results can be catastrophic and irreparable. In this blog post, we are going to review the basics of bearings in a final drive and discuss topics including maintenance, cleaning, inspection, and signs of failure.

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Tips for Identifying Your Bobcat Final Drive Motor

If you have a Bobcat, it can be a challenge to correctly identify which model you need when it's time to replace your final drive. In this Shop Talk Blog post, we are going to cover how to differentiate between the most confusing models.  It's important to recognize the differences if you want to make sure you order the correct one for your machine!

6 Lessons About Final Drives That You Can Learn From Superheroes, Part One

by Dr McCaslin | Jun 07, 2018 |

Final Drive Motors, Final Drive Maintenance



There are some really good things we can learn from superheroes, and maybe some really bad ones, too (we’re looking at you, Deadpool). You might not realize it, but we can learn some good lessons about final drives, too! For Part 1, we are going to take a look at lessons from Superman, Spider-Man, and The Incredible Hulk to see what they can teach us about contamination, installation/removal, and maintenance. (Trigger warning:  this article may upset diehard comics fans!)

Inspecting Final Drive Bearings

You’ve been having issues with your final drive, and you’ve started to take it apart to track down the problem. You’ve cleaned the bearings up, but how can you tell if it’s time to replace them? In this Shop Talk Blog post, we are going to delve into the signs that your bearings need to be replaced.


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