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Final Drive Hydraulic Motors and Gears

If you've ever opened up a final drive, you've probably encountered its gears. The gearing system in your final drive is vital to its proper function. A good understanding of gears, surface hardening, and signs of damage can help you keep your gears -- and your final drive -- in top operating condition.

5 Common Hydraulic Motor Questions Answered

In this Shop Talk Blog post, we are going to discuss the answers to five very common questions about hydraulic motors: what is a case drain, how do hydraulic motors fail, what exactly is displacement, how are hydraulic motors rated, and how does a hydraulic motor differ from a final drive?

Final Drive Maintenance with Dr. Drive!



Maintenance is never a popular subject - especially when you have deadlines looming over your head. But you NEED to do your maintenance! In this Shop Talk Blog post, we'd like to help you keep a healthy perspective on the subject of maintaining your final drives, track motors, and hydraulic motors by discussing two major maintenance steps you should never, ever neglect.

Troubleshooting Final Drive Problems - Eliminating External Causes

Sometimes, what seems to be an issue with the final drive or travel motor actually has an external cause. Replacing the final drive will not fix the problem, though the problem may eventually damage the final drive . In this Shop Talk Blog post, we are going to discuss how to troubleshoot final drive problems to eliminate the possibility of external causes .

Final Drive Leaks

One of the first signs of trouble with a final drive may be the presence of fluid where it shouldn’t be. Leaks will lead to final drive failure. In this Shop Talk Blog post, we are going to discuss how to identify possible sources of leaks and the types of fluid involved.

How to Flush Your Hydraulic System

There is a big difference between replacing hydraulic fluid and flushing the system. Replacing hydraulic fluid only involves draining old fluid and adding new fluid; flushing the entire system is much more thorough, and aids in eliminating both contaminants and old fluid . In an ideal world, fluid would only ever need to be replaced . However, there are situations in which the hydraulic system really needs to be flushed . In this Shop Talk Blog post, we will discuss the why and how of flushing the hydraulic system on your construction equipment .

How to Troubleshoot a Noisy/Vibrating Final Drive Motor

Have you or one of your operators noticed that your final drive motor is vibrating excessively or has become a little too noisy for it to be normal? In this Shop Talk Bog post, you'll learn step by step how to troubleshoot a noisy or vibrating hydraulic motor and what steps you need to take to keep your equipment running.

Autopsy: Bobcat 331 Mini Excavator Final Drive (w/Video)

Bobcat Mini Excavator Findings

In this Shop Talk Blog post, we are going to review the "autopsy" findings for a mini-excavator final drive taken off a Bobcat 331. We'll go through this step-by-step, just like the technician who disassembled and inspected this hydraulic drive motor.

5 Simple Keys to Effective Excavator Undercarriage Maintenance

 Heavy Equipment Undercarriage Costs?

The undercarriage of your heavy equipment can account for up to 50% of your O&O costs over the lifetime of your machine,  whether its a compact track loader, multi-terrain loader, or excavator.  That means keeping the undercarriage well-maintained is very important, so in this blog post we are going to discuss five simple keys to effective undercarriage maintenance.

3 Considerations in Keeping Your Final Drive Running

Final drives have to endure quite a bit – like high-impact loads, extreme torque, sudden direction changes, and frequent gear changes. You know that when your final drive stops, your machine stops. That means one of your goals should be to keep that final drive running.  In this Shop Talk Blog post, we are going to discuss some of the considerations in keeping your final drive running.



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