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Is Your Final Drive Weak, or Stuck in High Speed Mode?

If your machine keeps steering to one side or has issues trying to climb an incline, one of the final drives may be trapped in high-speed mode. Even though it makes your final drive seem weak, it isn’t really a problem with your final drive. In this Shop Talk Blog post, we are going to talk about why high-speed mode can be a problem and what you can do to resolve it.

Final Drive Cores

When shopping for a final drive motor, you may come across "core charges" or "core exchange programs". In fact, there are many programs similar to this in the final drive market. This Shop Talk Blog Post will answer the most common questions our customers have about final drive cores, core exchanges, and core buyback programs.

Maintenance for Bobcat E32 and E35 Final Drive Motors

In this Shop Talk Blog post, we are going to talk about how to maintain the final drives on your Bobcat E32 and E35. Regular preventative maintenance will greatly extend the life of your final drive motor, and paying attention to details like case drain filters can save you thousands of dollars in downtime and repairs.

Common Hydraulic Fluid Issues

Hydraulic fluid performs many jobs for your final drive, including lubricating moving parts and protecting parts from corrosion, rust, and oxidation.  Anything that hinders the ability of your hydraulic fluid to do its job will turn into a big problem for your final drive later on. This Shop Talk Blog post will focus on hydraulic fluid issues that can impact your machine' final drives.

Bobcat 337 Final Drive Failures

by Dr McCaslin | Apr 05, 2018 |

Final Drive, Final Drive Problem, bobcat 337


The Bobcat 337 is a popular model of mini/midi excavator, machines otherwise known as compact excavators or mini-diggers. In this Shop Talk Blog post, you’ll learn the most common problems experienced by Bobcat 337 final drives, what causes them, what the aftermath might look like, and how to prevent these problems from occurring in the first place.

Kubota KX121 Final Drive Cover Plate Removal

If you have a Kubota mini excavator, like the KX121, then the time might come when you need to remove the cover plate from it. The cover plates can be a nightmare to remove, especially in the field. In this Shop Talk Blog post, we are going to talk about how to do just that using everyday tools.

11 Useful Stats About Skid Steer Loaders

by Dr McCaslin | Mar 29, 2018 |

Skid Steers, Skid-Steer Loaders, Skid Loaders


Skid steers like the Bobcat T190 are some of our favorite machines. If you're in the market for a skid steer, you need to do your research -- there are a lot of options out there! How well do you know your skid steers? Do you know what the most powerful skid steer on the market is? Do you know what the most popular horsepower range is? Do you know what skid steers retain their value the best? If not, then read on!

Bobcat 325 Rotator Group Damage

by Dr McCaslin | Mar 28, 2018 |

Final Drive Diagnosis, rotator group, pistons


One of the issues that we have encountered with Bobcat 325 final drives involves failure of the rotator group. In this Shop Talk Blog post, we will discuss what makes up a rotator group, what causes them to fail, and what can be done to fix it.

4 Indications That a Hydraulic Final Drive Motor Needs Service

When a final drive motor stops, work comes to a halt. That’s why it is important to be aware of any indications that your final drive might need service. That way, you can arrange the downtime for repairs around a time that works for you, not be forced into downtime in the middle of a time-critical job. In this Shop Talk Blog post, we are going to talk about the four things to look out for, and what each symptom can indicate.

Kubota Final Drives and Stripped Drive Shafts

by Dr McCaslin | Mar 23, 2018 |

kubota, drive shaft, stripped drive shaft


If your tracks don't move that easily anymore or your machine starts to steer to one side, it could be that your gear teeth on your drive shaft have been worn down; this is what is known as a "stripped drive shaft". One of the most common problems found on Kubota and Hy-Dash final drives involves a stripped drive shaft. In this Shop Talk Blog post, you’ll learn how to identify a few symptoms of a stripped drive shaft, what can be done about it, and how to prevent it from happening to your final drive.

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