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Cleaning Final Drive Bearings

by Dr McCaslin | May 22, 2018 |

Final drive motor, bearings


Your final drive motor has been giving you problems, and you’ve decided to take it apart. Once you get to the bearings, you need to clean them up before you can tell whether to replace them. In this Shop Talk Blog post, we are going to discuss how to clean your bearings without damaging them.



Skid Steer Safety and Lift Arm Supports

by Dr McCaslin | May 17, 2018 |

Skid Steers, Skid-Steer Loaders, Skidsteers, SSL


When performing maintenance or repairs on a skid steer loader, you may not think about being injured or killed -- but it does happen. Some of these fatalities came from a failure to use lift arm supports. In this blog post, we are going to discuss accidents related to lift arms and how the use of skid steer lift arm supports could have prevented them.

Types of Hydraulic Contamination That Affect Final Drives

by Dr McCaslin | May 15, 2018 |

Hydraulic Contamination

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Most experts agree that contamination is the number one cause of failure in hydraulic systems and components. This includes final drive motors and we see many final drives that have failed because of hydraulic contamination issues.  In this Shop Talk Blog post we are going to discuss the different types of hydraulic contamination and the impact they can have on your final drive motor.

Hydraulic Contamination Issues in Newer Machines

by Dr McCaslin | May 09, 2018 |

Contamination, Hydraulic Contamination



Did you know that cycle time on a machine can increase by about 20% before the operator notices it? And one of the major causes of increased cycle times is hydraulic contamination. Contamination affects more than just your attachments, though -- it will impact the performance of your hydraulic final drive motors. In this Shop Talk Blog post, we are going to discuss how newer machines are more sensitive to hydraulic contamination and what measures you can take to protect your final drives.

Shipping a Final Drive Core

by Dr McCaslin | May 08, 2018 |

Final Drive Motors, core exchange



When it comes time to ship a final drive motor, whether its part of a core exchange or you want it rebuilt, it's important that you ship it in a safe manner. In this Shop Talk Blog post, we are going to give you some hints and tips for shipping your final drive core so that it doesn’t get damaged in transit.


5 Signs Your Skid Steer Hydraulic Motors Need Service

Problems With Your Skid Steer Loader?


It's vital that your skid steer keeps rolling, and your hydraulic motors are the key!  In this Shop Talk blog post, we are going to talk about 5 signs that your skid steer hydraulic motors need service.  We'll also talk about what those signs could mean, and how to make sure that the problem is with your final drive hydraulic motor and not some other part of your skid steer.



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7 Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Machines Clean

by Dr McCaslin | May 02, 2018 |

Final Drive, Undercarriage


The nature of construction work means that you can’t keep your machines always looking new and shiny. However, you can keep them clean. Here are seven good reasons why you should keep your machines clean--you might be surprised at the benefits!

A Dangerous Misconception about Hydraulic Motor Installation

Sometimes people assume that there is no need to add hydraulic fluid to a hydraulic motor before it is installed because the fluid circulates through the system. This is incorrect, and the dry start that results in can seriously damage your hydraulic motor. In this Shop Talk Blog post, we are going to discuss why this assumption is incorrect, what kind of damage can result, and what you need to do in order to prevent a dry start.

John Deere 35C and 35D Mini-Excavators

by Dr McCaslin | Apr 26, 2018 |

Excavators, Mini-excavators, John Deere


The John Deere 35C and 35D are two popular excavators from the Deere line of mini-excavators. In this Shop Talk Blog post, we’ll talk about some of the features that make them stand out from other mini-excavators and discuss some of the applications they are well suited for.

Is Your Final Drive Weak, or Stuck in High Speed Mode?

If your machine keeps steering to one side or has issues trying to climb an incline, one of the final drives may be trapped in high-speed mode. Even though it makes your final drive seem weak, it isn’t really a problem with your final drive. In this Shop Talk Blog post, we are going to talk about why high-speed mode can be a problem and what you can do to resolve it.

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