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Final Drive Maintenance with Dr. Drive!



Maintenance is never a popular subject - especially when you have deadlines looming over your head. But you NEED to do your maintenance! In this Shop Talk Blog post, we'd like to help you keep a healthy perspective on the subject of maintaining your final drives, track motors, and hydraulic motors by discussing two major maintenance steps you should never, ever neglect.

5 Bulldozer Questions Answered

Bulldozers, also known as dozers, crawler tractors, or crawler loaders, are found on just about every mining and construction site worldwide. In this Shop Talk Blog post, our goal is to discuss answers to common questions regarding our beloved bulldozer, including the origins of the bulldozer, how they are used, how they work, and what the biggest production bulldozer looks like.

Hydraulic Fluid Questions for Newbies

by Dr McCaslin | Oct 18, 2017 |

Hydraulic System, Hydraulics


In this Shop Talk Blog post, we are going to discuss some questions about hydraulic fluid that are for people new to hydraulics. We've tried to track down some practical answers to very common real-world questions, like whether hydraulic fluid will kill grass, and what to do when hydrualic fluid gets on asphalt.

All About Ditch Witch

by Jim Strong | Oct 13, 2017 |

Heavy Equipment, Heavy Equipment 101, Ditch Witch


Ditch Witch is a major manufacturer of directional drills, trenchers, vibratory plows, vacuum excavators, and mini skid steers, with a specialization in underground utility construction equipment. In this Shop Talk Blog post, you'll learn some interesting facts from Ditch Witch history, like how it started out in a blacksmith/machine shop, helped to birth the telecommunications industry, and received quite a few awards.

7 Key Considerations When Choosing a Skid Steer Loader

When it comes time to shop for a new skid steer loader, whether it's brand new or just new to you, the various options out there can be overwhelming -- especially if you are still relatively new to the world of compact machines. In this Shop Talk Blog post, we are going to talk about 7 key considerations you should make when selecting a skid steer loader.

5 Things to Watch Out For When Inspecting Used Equipment

Purchasing used equipment can be far more economical than purchasing a brand new machine. However, a piece of used equipment isn't always worth its price tag. In this Shop Talk Blog post, we'll give you 5 things to look for when inspecting used equipment: signs of overloading, paint jobs, fluid issues, corrosion, and shipping problems. From skid steers to excavators, we've got you covered.

Shocking Facts about Excavators!

by Jim Strong | Oct 05, 2017 |

Excavators, Mini-excavators, Compact Excavators


Excavators are found on every mining and construction site the world over. From bucket excavators to hydraulic excavators, these powerful machines have revolutionized the way we move earth. In this Shop Talk Blog post, we are going to discuss some of the most interesting facts we could track down about excavators.

Reman Bobcat T190 Final Drives

by Jim Strong | Oct 04, 2017 |

Final Drive, Reman Final Drives, Bobcat Equipment, T190


The Bobcat T190 is a compact track loader (CTL) that is no longer in production by Bobcat. However, it is still in use all across the United States. Even though the last production year for the Bobcat T190 was 2008, these machines have proven so sturdy and powerful that there is still a strong demand for used models and replacement parts. Here at Texas Final Drive, one of our most popular products is the reman/rebuilt Bobcat T190 final drive motor.

Major Forestry Equipment Manufacturers in North America

by Dr McCaslin | Sep 29, 2017 |

forestry, Industry


Forestry in North America goes back to the days of the First Nations in Canada and the early colonists of the 1600s in the United States. Since then, both the methods and the machines used in logging have changed dramatically, with some of the most rapid developments taking place in the last 100 years. The focus of this Shop Talk Blog post will be to introduce you to the four most successful forestry equipment manufacturers in North America: Brandt, John Deere, Caterpillar, and Tigercat.

Hydraulic Equipment for Deconstruction and Demolition

Both demolition and deconstruction make extensive use of hydraulic equipment to get the job done. This Shop Talk Blog post will explore how hydraulic equipment is used in this particular industry,

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