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Worst Final Drive Motor Fails: Radial Piston Hydraulic Motor

In our continuing discussion on some of the worst final drive motors fails we’ve seen here at Texas Final Drive, allow us to present a very badly scarred radial piston hydraulic motor. This final drive was totaled -- there is just no coming back from this kind of damage.

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Worst Final Drive Motor Fails: Internal Explosion Edition

In this Shop Talk Blog post, we are going to look at one of the most damaged final drive motors we have seen -- and we have seen plenty here at Texas Final Drive. The majority of the damage can be traced back to the rotator group.


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Hydraulic Motor Drive Shafts

The drive shaft in your final drive motor is used to transfer torque, power and rotational motion. If the drive shaft on a hydraulic motor is going to fail, it will most likely be the result of worn out splines. In this Shop Talk Blog post, we are going to talk about drive shafts, couplers, and gear splines -- and how they can affect your final drive motor performance.

Facts You Need to Know about Bearings and Final Drive Motors

Every hydraulic motor, final drive, and travel motor is going to have bearings. Those bearings are a key component in its design and vital to its efficient operation. When bearings fail, quickly take out other parts and can render a hydraulic motor irreparably damaged. In this Shop Talk Blog post, you will learn key facts that you need to know about bearings and final drive motors.

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Scoring in Final Drive Hydraulic Motors

by Dr McCaslin | Nov 19, 2018 |

Final Drive Failure, Final Drive Problem


Not all the damage that we see come into our shop here a Texas Final Drive is dramatic -- sometimes it takes a trained eye to spot the problem. A good example of that is scoring of key components, like the cam ring out of a radial piston hydraulic motor. In this Shop Talk Blog post, we are going to talk about scoring, its causes, why it’s serious, and how to prevent it.

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#1 Cause of Final Drive Failure

Do you know what the number one cause of final drive failure is? It might not be what you think! In this Shop Talk Blog post, we’ll explore this topic and discuss how to keep it from happening to your final drive motors!

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Signs of Bearing Failure in a Final Drive

by Dr McCaslin | Oct 16, 2018 |

Final Drive Failure, bearings


A bad bearing can wipe out a final drive fast … but how can you tell if a bearing is going bad? Here are four things to look for that can indicate you have issues with your bearings. If your final drive is exhibiting any of these symptoms, you need to have it checked out right away.

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Common Problem on CAT Excavator Hydraulic Motor (Secret Tip Video)

Do you know what the most common problem is for CAT excavator hydraulic motors? That's the topic of this Shop Talk Blog post, where we'll not only talk about the problem but how you can prevent it and save money in the process.


Troubleshooting a Final Drive Using Case Drain Flow

One way to troubleshoot a final drive that seems weak is to take a look at the rate of flow from the case drain line. In this Shop Talk Blog post, we are going to review the purpose of a case drain line, look at what case drain flow can tell us about a final drive, and then discuss how to estimate the case drain flow. We'll finish up by looking at how to evaluate the case drain flow to determine if the problem is your final drive.

4 Quick Tips for Extending the Life of Your Final Drive

Your final drive represents a significant investment, and it has to be functional for your equipment to run. In this Shop Talk Blog post, we are going to go over 4 things: minimizing contamination, keeping an eye on the gear oil, checking the case drain filter, and attending to leaks. Follow these 4 simple tips to get draw out the life of your final drive motor to the fullest!

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