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Hydraulic Motor Drive Shafts

The drive shaft in your final drive motor is used to transfer torque, power and rotational motion. If the drive shaft on a hydraulic motor is going to fail, it will most likely be the result of worn out splines. In this Shop Talk Blog post, we are going to talk about drive shafts, couplers, and gear splines -- and how they can affect your final drive motor performance.

Revisiting the Topic of Gear Oil

Gear oil is an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to making your final drive motor last. In this Shop Talk Blog post, we are going to talk about gear oil for final drives.

Planetary Gears and Final Drive Motors

Final drive motors are hydraulic motors with a speed reducing, torque multiplying planetary gear set. In this Shop Talk Blog post, we’ll talk about planetary gear sets, the parts that make them up, and how they work.  We'll also look at some examples taken from actual final drives and then discuss how to maintain your gearbox.



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Are the Gears on My Final Drive Worn Out?

by Dr McCaslin | Aug 07, 2018 |

Final Drive Motor Gears, Final Drive Motors


You’ve taken the cover plate off your final drive, and now you're looking at the gears in the planetary hub. How do you know when to replace those gears? In this Shop Talk Blog post, that’s precisely what we are going to discuss: signs that your gears are wearing out.


Final Drive Hydraulic Motors and Gears

If you've ever opened up a final drive, you've probably encountered its gears. The gearing system in your final drive is vital to its proper function. A good understanding of gears, surface hardening, and signs of damage can help you keep your gears -- and your final drive -- in top operating condition.

How to Troubleshoot an Overheating Gear Box on Your Final Drive

Is your final drive gear box overheating? Is it hot to the touch, or does it steam when water comes into contact with it? That could be the sign of some serious problems that you need to investigate. In this Shop Talk Blog post, you'll learn step by step how to properly troubleshoot problems with an overheating gear box on your final drive motor.

Gear Oil Part 2: How to Check and Change the Gear Oil in a Final Drive Motor

Why Gear Oil Is Important

Did you know that a general rule of thumb is that the life of your final drive gearbox is directly proportional to how frequently the gear oil is changed?  That’s why one of the important maintenance tasks for a final drive is to regularly check the oil on the planetary side.  Ideally, you should check the oil level about once every 100 hours of operation, and change the oil out at least once a year.  In this article, we are going to talk about how to check the gear oil level in your final drive, and how to change it out when the time comes.


Gear Oil Part 1: How to Troubleshoot Gear Oil Problems with Your Final Drive

In this Shop Talk Blog post, you will learn how to troubleshoot problems with the gear oil in your final drive, focusing on leaks as well as having too much fluid in the planetary hub. We typically recommend checking the gear oil about once every 100 hours of operation and changing the oil at least once a year.

Caterpillar Equipment: High Drives and Final Drives

Hydraulic Motors with Integrated Gear Reduction System 

You may have noticed on many tracked machines -- especially on compact track loaders and multi-terrain loaders -- that the drive sprocket is set high, by which we mean it is elevated above the ground line. There's a good reason for that, and in this Shop Talk Blog post we are going to discuss the advantages, as well as disadvantages, of this design -- and take at how it led to the development of hydraulic motors with an integrated gear reduction system.

Final Drive Gear Oil Characteristics: Clearing Up the Confusion

Final Drive Gear Oil

Have you ever looked at the specifications for gear oil and wondered what all those values really meant?  Considering how important gear oil is to your final drive motor, its always good to know as much you can.   In this blog post, we are going delve into the sometimes confusing but always interesting world of gear oil characteristics!

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