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Staying Safe on a Skid Steer: Preventing Backovers

Skid steer loader backover accidents are scary for all involved -- and often fatal for the victim. Learn what they are, how they happen, and what you can do to prevent them.

Maintenance is Always Cheaper Than Repairs

by Jim Strong | Dec 09, 2021 |

Final Drive Maintenance, Maintenance


As much as we may be reluctant to perform maintenance, it's always going to be cheaper than repairs for compact equipment and the final drive motors that run them.

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How Aging Gear Oil Affects Final Drives

by Jim Strong | Dec 01, 2021 |

Final Drive Maintenance, Gear oil, Planetary Hub


There's a reason why we encourage our customers to regularly replace the gear oil in their final drives. Gear oil is inevitably going to degrade, or age, over time. Find out what that means to your final drive motor.

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Common Gear Oil Additives

by Jim Strong | Nov 10, 2021 |

Final Drive Motor Gearbox, Gear oil, Lubrication


How familiar are you with common lubricant additives, especially when it comes to gear oil?

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Terminology for Final Drive Motors, Part 1

by Jim Strong | Oct 13, 2021 |



Are you still new to final drive motors? Are you having some trouble with the terminology? In Part 1 of our terminology series, we'll be talking about the basic specs for a final drive, exterior anatomy, hydraulic connections, and brakes.

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How to Request a Quote for a Final Drive

Your drive motor just died and work has come to a grinding halt. You need a replacement quickly and have to submit some RFQs to different dealers. It may seem like a waste of valuable time, but the more info you can provide about the final drive that failed the faster you'll get that quote and the more accurate it will be.


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How to Do a Planetary Flush

by Jim Strong | Sep 16, 2021 |

Planetary Hub, planetary flush


In an earlier post on restoring flood-damaged equipment, we made reference to performing a planetary flush on your drive. In this blog post, we'll talk about what it is, how it works, and why it's important to use non-chlorinated brake cleaner.

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Restoring Water-Damaged Compact Equipment

by Jim Strong | Sep 09, 2021 |

hydraulic fluid, hydraulic flush, planetary flush


If your compact equipment was damaged by floodwaters, here are some tips on how to address the damage.

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Gear Damage in a Final Drive

by Jim Strong | Aug 30, 2021 |

Final Drive Motor Gears, Gear oil, Planetary Hub


What makes a final drive motor different from a hydraulic motor is the planetary gear set on the drive motor--and when the gears go out, you're going to have major problems.


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Guide to Final Drive Cores

by Jim Strong | Aug 19, 2021 |

core, core buyback, core exchange


What are final drive core exchange policies? How does a core buyback work? What final drive cores are usually in demand? What condition do they need to be in? We try to answer these questions in more in this latest Shop Talk Blog post.


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