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3 Things You Should Know About Eaton and Hydraulic Motors

Eaton is a power management company – electrical, mechanical and hydraulic – and is also an international manufacturer of hydraulic motors and final drives.  However, Eaton isn’t as well known in the US as in other countries at the moment -- and we are out to change that.  As their U.S. supplier of hydraulic motors for heavy equipment, we would like to share with you three things you should know about Eaton.


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Hydraulic Motors and Final Drives

First, Eaton is the OEM hydraulic motor and final drive supplier for several makes of heavy equipment and construction equipment, both domestic and international.  They produce hydraulic motors and final drives for equipment ranging in size from skid-steers to excavators and 50 ton machines.

eaton-hydraulic-motor-final-drive-axial-piston-transparent.pngEaton's first major foray into hydraulics can be traced back to 1965 when their engineers developed a hydraulic-driven transmission. Five years later, in 1970, Eaton acquired Char-Lynn, known for hydraulic steering units and general purpose hydraulic motors, including the innovative Gerotor Motor.  This marked the beginning of Eaton's focus on the LSHT motors used in the construction industry. 

Eaton went on to acquire the Samuel Moore Company, Aeroquip-Vickers, Boston Weatherhead, and Walterscheid.  Then, in 2012, Eaton specifically added hydraulic swing motors and track motors to their portfolio when they acquired Jeil Hydraulics.

Their line of LSHT hydraulic motors includes the Eaton HP50 as well as the JMV series of track drive motors (which are ideal for excavators and other construction equipment). The also have a line of JPVB hydraulic pumps that works well on many different types of construction equipment.


Eaton Characteristics

Eaton offers much more than their competitors, and that is one of the primary characteristics that sets them apart (aside from winning international awards for ethics, innovation, wellness, and more). 


For example, their delivery time is just ½ that of their competitors.  In addition, Eaton carries more stock in-house than their competition.  And if you need a custom motor, Easton can custom make that motor within 28 days given a minimum order.  We don’t know of any other final drive or hydraulic motor manufacturer that can do that.  They are also very price competitive on most of their models.

Eaton's Heritage


Eaton is a well-established, successful business with a fascinating history.  The have been in business for over 100 years, starting out as a small truck parts supplier, Torbenson Gear and Axle Company.  In fact, they can trace their history back to the first gear-driven rear truck axle with Henry Ford as their first major customer

Their commitment to quality, research, diversification, and innovation has allowed them to not only suvive but thrive through the years: last year Eaton made over $20B in revenue while providing products to customers in more than 175 countries, including the United States.


We at Texas Final Drive are proud to be Eaton's US distributor for hydraulic motors, final drives, and track drives.  And are excited about the high-quality, efficient products that we are going to be able to offer you.

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