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Texas Final Drive and EATON Corporation have teamed up to bring you world-class performance in excavator final drive motors. Suitable for 1.5-50 ton excavator/vehicle applications, EATON drives address common industry challenges like power consistency, reliability, and overall efficiency. With over half a million units in the field, find out why an EATON final drive motor IS the next motor you'll be looking for.eaton excavator final drive motors

Our free cheat sheet details:

  • The challenges EATON motors address;
  • The benefits EATON motors offer over OEM and third-party products;
  • Typical applications and model overview of the product line;
  • Summarized specs for the various models in both imperial and metric units.

Including a handy competitor matrix comparing EATON motors to those of Kawasaki, Kayaba, Nabtesco and Tongmyung, get your free Cheat Sheet NOW!