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What You Need to Know About The Eaton HP50 Motor and CTLs

Eaton Track Drive Motor

The Eaton HP50 Track Drive Motor has quite a bit to brag about: high torque density, excellent starting torque, extended life, and providing an economic alternative to traditional radial piston hydraulic motors.  What you might now know is how well adapted it is to the needs of compact track loaders.


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Released in 2016, the Eaton HP50 was designed to meet the needs of a wide-range of heavy equipment, including compact track loaders, skid steers, grinders, augers, both horizontal and vertical drilling equipment, forestry equipment, harvesters, and more.  That meant is needed to be versatile, rugged, powerful, and efficient.

Benefits of the Eaton HP50

The HP50 design enables higher speeds and requires less shifting.  It provides up to 23% more starting torque than most radial piston motors.  As an alternative to traditional radial piston motors, tests show that it offers an extended life: up to 4x the life of equivalent radial piston motors and 10x the life of equivalent axial piston gearbox hydraulic motors.  In addition, the Eaton HP50 Geroler track motor is also a more economic alternative to radial piston motors.

It also has high torque density, excellent power density, and a duo cone exclusion seal.  The HP50 also has an integrated back pressure relief valve.  Its low no load pressure drop also means minimal heat generation and, thus, higher efficiency.  It's design profile and driveline allows it to match the power outputs of the latest Tier 4 and Tier 5 engine designs, too.


Compact Track Loaders

bobcat-final-drive-motor-heavy-equipment.pngThe HP50 is especially well adapted to the needs of compact track loaders, according to Todd Degler, one of Eaton’s product managers:

“CTL production has continued to grow year-over-year as construction companies seek powerful, versatile machines that can move quickly through tough environments while carrying heavy loads.” 

Included in its design are rugged bearings and a drive framework that allows it to adapt well to the impact loads commonly experienced by CTLs.


The Eaton HP50 is a high-pressure, high-flow Geroler motor offering 6,000 psid and a peak flow rate of 70 gpm.  It includes a integrated spring-applied, pressure release parking brake and will work on both single-speed and dual-speed CTLs.  The HP50 generates up to 50,000 in-lbs in torque.



The Eaton HP50 track motor is an excellent option for your CTL with its high torque density, dual speed capabilities, efficiency, and competitive pricing -- and the quality and durability of Eaton hydraulic motors.

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