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2-Phase Testing and Quality Assurance for Hydraulic Motors

testing-final-drive-travel-motor-hydraulic-motor-01.pngPneumatic and Final Drive Motor Testing

One of the key features of quality assurance is thorough testing of the final drives and hydraulic motors that we both repair and re-manufacture.  In this blog post we are going to outline certain aspects of our pneumatic and hydraulic testing program. 


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Phase 1: Pneumatic Leak Testing

testing-final-drive-travel-motor-hydraulic-motor-04.pngOnce the assembly of a re-manufactured final drive is completed, we perform a calibration inspection and then test it for leaks. We perform this test using a precision pneumatic leak detection instrument that measures pressure decay over a fixed period of time.  This allows it to determine both the presence and severity of any leaks -- and we know how devastating a leak in your final drive motor can be.

The final drive does not pass this leak detection test until it meets our stringent criteria.  Once those criteria are met, the results are documented (real-time) in our company’s database.

Phase 2: Hydraulic Performance Testing

The final drive will then be attached to a hydraulic test stand to evaluate its function. A quality assurance inspector will perform a series of diagnostic tests and document all the results in our company’s database.  This documents all test results, including who worked on the final drive and who performed the tests.



The hydraulic performance tests we perform include …


Quality Assurance Inspectors

Final visual leak checks are performed and verified by a different quality assurance inspector from the individual who performed the performance tests.  Note that all our quality assurance inspectors report directly to the Quality Assurance Manager.


Quality through Testing

Quality is in our DNA, and one way that we both achieve and evaluate quality is through pneumatic and hydraulic testing of final drives.  When it comes time to replace your final drive with a reman or rebuilt one, don't forget to check what kind of testing they perform.

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