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Facts about the Bobcat 864

The Bobcat 864 track loader was Bobcat’s first venture into the compact tracked-machine market, and these robust machines are still in use. In this Shop Talk Blog Post, we are going to look at some interesting facts about the Bobcat 864/T200, like when it was first built, what kind of specs it has, and what some of the initial variations on the Bobcat 864 were like.  We'll also throw in a little bit of information about reman final drives for the older model Bobcats such as this.

Facts about the Bobcat 864

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History of the Bobcat 864

According to Bobcat, the 864 used the cab, lift arms, and mainframe of the 863 skid steer loader. It was equipped with rubber tracks instead of tires, which provided better traction and flotation than the skid steer loader could achieve. Bobcat claimed that “... it extends the construction season by allowing operators onto a job site sooner and working later in the year.” That's because the tracks allowed for work even in slick and muddy conditions.

Eventually, for every skid steer there would be a compact track loaderequivalent. In 2000, the 864 became the Bobcat T200. A few years later the Bobcat T300 signaled the end of production for the T300.

Variations on the Bobcat 864

The Bobcat 864, 864G, 864F, and 864H G were produced in 1999, and all were variations on the basic Bobcat 864 -- which we already pointed out was built on an 863 SSL frame. The Bobcat T200 is more closely related to the Bobcat 864H G with its 32 gpm auxiliary flow rate.

Basic Specifications for the Bobcat 864

The Bobcat 864 includes a 73 horsepower turbo-charged liquid-cooled Duetz diesel engine. The Bobcat 864 has an SAE-rated operating capacity (ROC) of 2,000 pounds and a tipping load of 5,715 lbs. The travel speed for the 864G is 6.7 mph and it weighs 8,080 lbs.

Most of the specs for the 864H G are the same as the 864G and 864G, with the primary difference being the hydraulic auxiliary high flow: the 864F/G has a flow rate of 20.6 gpm and the 864H G has a flow rate of 32 gpm. Its later incarnation, the Bobcat T200, has the higher auxiliary flow rate of 32 gpm.



Duetz Engines

As we mentioned earlier, the Bobcat 864/T200 have liquid-cooled Duetz diesel engines. Oil is used to cool the internal parts of these engines. Maintenance is key to keeping these engines running well. Some Bobcat 864/T200 owners recommend keeping a close eye on the condition of the timing belt for these machines.

Reman Final Drives for Bobcat 864 / T200

If you keep these machines well maintained, they still perform well -- and that includes the final drive motors. When you do need to replace the final drive on an older model machine like the Bobcat 864 / Bobcat T200, you can find high quality reman final drives. A reman final drive not only meets but often exceeds original OEM specifications and it’s not unusual for a reman to be of even better quality than the original.


The Bobcat 864/T200 was a significant game-changer for Bobcat.  Because of their durability and utility, these models are still in use all over the United States. If you need a replacement final drive motor for your Bobcat 864/T200, give us a call at 281-968-4473.

CTA Bobcat hydraulic final drive travel motor


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