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Dr. Drive (Shop Talk Videos) and Dr. McCaslin (Shop Talk Blog) Heavy Equipment Online Education

Can the web provide the best means of teaching mechanical/technical information for making better business decisions? In a recent interview, Dr. Drive (Shop Talk Videos) and Dr. Sara McCaslin (Shop Talk Blog) from Texas Final Drive were interviewed by Teddy McKeon of Construction Equipment Guide concerning their online educational approach to final drive hydraulic motors and excavator equipment.  In addition, they discussed the Texas Final Drive's partnership with Eaton hydraulic track drive motors in US utilizing state-of-the-art hydraulic power management technology.



Meet the Players

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Construction Equipment Guide, the leading resource for both news and information on new and used construction equipment, interviewed both Dr. Drive and Dr. McCaslin via web conferencing last week. The gentleman interviewing was Teddy McKeon, Director of Web Services for Construction Equipment Guide.





You likely recognize Dr. Drive as one of the primary faces of the Shop Talk Video series, where he is sometimes referred to as Walter. Walter Jones is the Quality Control Manager at Texas Final Drive and one of our final drive experts.  If you have been reading the Shop Talk Blog for very long, you have likely read some of the work of Sara McCaslin, PhD in mechanical engineering, and part of the online educational aspect of the web development team.




Texas Final Drive History

Texas Final Drive and its brother company Final Drive Parts are both divisions of Woodland Fluid Power. For seven years our mission has been to sell and service quality hydraulic products, specializing in hydraulic motors.

During those seven years, the company has worked hard to listen to its customers and fill a need in the aftermarket, online hydraulic parts market. Customers have expressed that availability, published pricing, and knowledge of hydraulic motors for excavation equipment is a key concern.  Therefore, the goal is to provice two online sales channels, Final Drive Parts and Texas Final Drive, our newer site.


Why Web Resources?

One of the questions asked why Texas Final Drive decided to start the Shop Talk Video series and the Shop Talk Blog. The answer to that is simple: to better serve the needs of our customers by giving them easy to understand tips and techniques for more informed decision-making.

The goal of these web resources is to make available vital information and technical resources on subjects related to hydraulic motors for skid steers, compact track loaders, mini excavator, and other types of excavation equipment -- and make sure we have resources of interest to anyone from an absolute novice to an engineer. This approach is the first of its kind in the hydraulic motor aftermarket industry.


Texas Final Drive's Partnership with Eaton

Another key topic during the interview that came up was our partnership with power management industry leader Eaton. Many people don't realize that Eaton has an extensive hydraulics division which includes efficient, state-of-the-art, hydraulic motors. This includes LSHT motors like the JMV track drive motor series that is used on hundreds of thousands of pieces of heavy equipment around the world.

Eaton Hydraulic Drive Motors Introduction Web page CTA

We are pleased to bring Eaton's commitment to quality to the United States market as their US distributor of hydraulic motors, and we view our work with Eaton as a strategic partnership that, when combined with our innovative approach of providing web resources, represents a major step forward in effectively meeting the needs of those in the market for hydraulic motors.


Thanks, CEG!

We would like to thank CEG for giving us the opportunity to be interviewed and share our passion for final drive hydraulic motors and heavy equipment.  When Teddy asked Dr Drive, "Why hydraulic motors are so important?", he replied that one word summed it up:  Torque!  So remember, when your final drives aren't generating torque like they should be, contact us at Texas Final Drive.  

Whether an urgently needed single final drive motor for unexpected excavator breakdown or ongoing hydraulic track drive motors for a fleet of heavy equipment...we would love to keep you running.

OEM Brand Final Drive Hydraulic Motor CTA


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