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Santa's Naughty List Includes Those Who Neglect Their Compact Equipment

 It's getting very close to Christmas. It might be too late to make it on Santa's good list, but here are some tips for next year. 

Santas Naughty List Includes Those Who Neglect Their Compact Equipment

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Not Checking & Changing the Gear Oil on Your Final Drives

I know -- we dwell on this quite a bit. But it's a big deal: if you want your final drive to last and cost you as little as possible in repairs, this is something you need to do.


Gear oil levels should be checked about once every 100 hundred hours or once a month. Gear oil in a final drive should be changed about once a year. Letting the gear oil turn into a smelly gel will undoubtedly put you on Santa's naughty list.

Not Keeping the Undercarriage Clean

Just a short amount of time with a hose and a broom can go a long way toward maintaining the performance of your machine and minimizing repair costs. And the more often you do it, the easier it is. But, on the other hand, letting mud, dirt, and debris harden on the undercarriage will put you on Santa's naughty list! And here's a good video from CAT about how to do that.


Not Changing Case Drain Filters

If your machine has a case drain filter, you need to replace it regularly. Changing it when you do the other filters on your equipment is often enough. However, if you don't ever change it, expect to replace your final drive.


A clogged case drain filter can total your final drive. It will be damaged beyond repair, and that's expensive. Not changing out your case drain filter will undoubtedly put you on Santa's naughty list!

Ignoring Changes in Performance

Maybe your skid steer loader suddenly starts pulling to the side. Or your mini-excavator doesn't seem to have the same digging power. Or your CTL can't move as fast under a load. This usually means something is going in with the hydraulic system, and you need to check it out. 


Any changes in performance need to be evaluated. Failure to do so will lead to even worse changes -- and even more expensive repair bills. If you catch the cause soon enough, it might just be some minor maintenance or an inexpensive repair. Ignoring changes in your equipment will put you on Santa's naughty list.

Not Practicing Safety

There've been severe and even fatal accidents when people have been working on their compact equipment without following proper safety procedures. And there are usually built-in safety measures to protect you and others when you're performing maintenance or repairs.

One of the best examples is the safety bars on SSLs and CTLs that prevent the arms from lowering. Safety measures only take a few minutes but can save your life. Santa frowns on unsafe maintenance and repair practices! Remember when Santa brought Rudolf on his team because the fog made it hard to see?



Don't be on Santa's naughty list! Instead, take good care of your compact equipment, and remember to be safe. Santa won't be the only one pleased.



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