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6 Lessons About Final Drives That You Can Learn From Superheroes, Part Two


As we've talked about before in Part 1 of this series, there are some really good lessons we can learn from superheroes, and maybe some really bad ones, too (we’re looking at you, Deadpool).  We can learn some pretty good lessons about final drives, too.  For Part 2, we are going to take a look at lessons from Batman, Huntress, and Thor! (Trigger warning:  this article may upset diehard comics fans!)


6 Lessons About Final Drives That You Can Learn From Superheroes, Part 1 (2)

Batman: you don't have to have superpowers to be good at what you do

Batman doesn’t really have any natural superpowers (unless you want to count his wealth), at least not compared to the likes of Superman or Professor X. That doesn’t stop him from being a superhero and standing toe-to-toe with the likes of Superman.

And just because you aren’t a certified hydraulic technician doesn’t mean that you can’t perform basic maintenance on your final drive motor. Checking and changing the gear oil, replacing the case drain filter, tracking down the source of leaks, and keeping an eye out for unusual behavior are simple tasks that any owner or operator can do.



Huntress: You Don’t Have to Look Fancy to Get the Job Done

At least in the short-lived television series Birds of Prey, Huntress kept her costume straightforward and functional. No brightly colored panties worn on the outside. No vision-compromising mask. A coat to keep her warm but not get in the way of fighting.



Final drives are like Huntress: they have a job to do, and they don’t let things get in their way. We know how hard those final drives work, and the environments they work in.  They are exposed to things like sand, mud, concrete dust, rocks, mulch, dirt, and fertilizer every day they work. They don't need to be spotless on the outside to get their job done.

That’s why when someone sends us a final drive all caked in dried mud and debris, we don’t give it a second thought. We just clean it up before we open it up. We don’t expect a shiny, perfect final drive to arrive in the shop for repairs because we know its not going to look pristine if its been working hard.

Thor: Sometimes All You Need is a Bigger Hammer

Thor is usually known for two things: Thor’s hair and Thor’s hammer, Mjölnir. His hammer is a powerful weapon in its own right, and in Norse mythology it is strong enough to level mountains.  Thor just wouldn't be the same without Mjölnir.

Having long, luscious hair won’t help you when it comes to working on your final drive (in fact, it would probably be a major risk), but having a good hammer like Mjölnir might! There are sometimes, especially when trying to remove a stubborn final drive from a machine or loosen a stuck bolt, where a well-place strike with a hammer can make all the different. A hammer won’t solve all your final drive problems, but it might help with a few of them. Just don’t forget to use some common sense about where and how you use it.


Anybody can do basic maintenance, it's ok if your final drive looks like crud, and hammers can  be helpful -- there are some unexpected lessons about final drive maintenance from Batman, Huntress, and Thor, respectively.  Do you have any good final drive lessons you've learned from superheroes or supervillians?  Let us know, and maybe we can put together a Part 3.

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