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Our Favorite YouTube Channels about Compact Equipment


YouTube can be a great source of information for any niche you can think of. In fact, we at Texas Final Drive have our own channel where we occasionally try to educate and entertain viewers about final drives. In this Shop Talk Blog post, we are going to introduce you to four of the best channels we have found for accurate, informative, and interesting videos related to compact equipment.

Dirt Monkey

Stanley "Dirt Monkey" Genadek's videos are an excellent blend of informative, practical, and entertaining. They are presented from the viewpoint of a small business owner and operator, Stanley Genadek.  Dirt Monkey has been on YouTube since 2009 and has posted over 320 videos. Topics include equipment reviews, how-to videos, inspirational talks, information on running your own business, and much more. His videos are always expertly edited and filled with good information -- definitely a channel you should subscribe to.

Dirt Ninja

Dirt Ninja is another fascinating channel with material presented by a real operator who is also the job foreman for his family’s company.  His theme is simple: "Anyone can run equipment, very few can operate."  The Dirt Ninja channel has been on YouTube since 2010. His videos include how-tos, job timelapses, and informative walk-arounds. He currently has 534 videos for your education and entertainment. This is another excellent channel if you are looking for real-world information on compact equipment performance, tips, and techniques.


Letsdig18 is another cool channel with 1,940 videos covering just about everything you can think of regarding construction equipment. These videos are real-world experiences with all kinds of equipment, including practical reviews and sponsored videos. One of the best words to describe this YouTube channel, which has been around since 2007, is "interesting"! Subscribing to Letsdig18 means you’ll always have something cool and relevant in your YouTube subscription feed.

Texas Final Drive

The Texas Final Drive channel is one that we also consider very educational and informing, though we are probably prejudiced about this one. These videos will teach you what you need to know about taking good care of your final drive, what is involved in the repairs and rebuilds that we do, and information about the different types of final drives and travel motors that we carry. We work hard to keep our videos practical, and don’t ever use actors -- the people you see and hear are our employees, including Dr Drive and Travis.


YouTube contains some great channels on equipment, but it can be a bit more difficult to find good videos that deal with compact equipment. We hope you get as much enjoyment and satisfaction from these channels as we do. And, to draw from a YouTube favorite:  Do you have a favorite channel for heavy equipment? Let us know in the comments below!


Texas Final Drive is your partner in providing new or remanufactured final drive hydraulic motors from a single mini-excavator to a fleet of heavy equipment. Call today so we can find the right final drive or hydraulic component for you, or check out our online store to find your O.E.M. manufacturer brand motor now. 

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