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Hurricane Harvey

by Thomas Eastham | Sep 01, 2017 |

Hurricane Harvey


Hurricane Harvey has ravaged the Gulf Coast, leaving massive destruction and flooding in its wake. Very little separated those who were flooded and those who were not.

In some areas, the recovery has already begun -- though many areas are still under water and may continue to be for weeks to come. Our own offices came within 8" of getting flooded. It was a gut wrenching experience, and one we will not soon forget. Thankfully, our final drives are safe, and we remain open for business. We count ourselves among the fortunate ones, and our hearts go out to the others who suffered in this event.

While Harvey brought out the ugly side of nature, it also revealed the beautiful side of humanity. Individuals, businesses, and government have not hesitated to help those in need. Places of worship for all religions opened their doors to refugees. Grocery stores like HEB provided people with vital resources like food and water at the same time as their own stores were being flooded. Today, we saw the New York Fire Department assisting with search and rescue in Houston. It certainly makes us proud to be Americans. Regular people with boats are rowing out to locations where there have been calls for help. Folks of all races, religions, and political affiliations are coming together to help each other in the truest sense of community. We look forward to this sense of community continuing to grow even as the flood waters recede.

There is tremendous support pouring in to cities all along the Texas and Louisiana coast trying to recover from this devastation. We want to do our part. From now until Friday, September 8th, we will be donating $100 to the American Red Cross for every remanufactured and new hydraulic final drive motor we sell. Together, we will rebuild.
God Bless America.

Here are some pictures from our own office:
The picture on the left was taken from a security camera sometime near the peak of the storm. The picture on the right was taken yesterday morning. Our teardown shop (left of each picture) experienced some flooding, but our build shop and offices (right of each picture) were spared.
This is the entrance to our teardown shop this morning. It looks as if nothing happened!
Here are four pictures from inside our teardown shop. We've been cleaning the mess left by the floodwater all morning. In the bottom left picture, you can clearly see the line that marks how high the waters reached.
Below is the entrance to our build shop and main office. Thankfully, the water did not reach high enough to enter these facilities!
Here's a view from inside our build shop. We've still got our final drives!

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